The Best Green Star Trek Aliens

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#3 The Gorn

The Gorn are an all time classic Star Trek species. Captain Kirk’s battle with a Gorn is one of the most iconic pieces of Star Trek lore…. because Captain Kirk makes a diamond bazooka out of bamboo!

Kirk’s battle with a Gorn occurs in Star Trek: The Original Series season 1 episode 18 “The Arena.”  In this episode Kirk is pitted against a Gorn by another species called the Metron. The Metrons strand Kirk and the Gorn on a remote planet where they are forced to do combat.  The Gorn is stronger than Kirk, and so Kirk must find another way to defeat him.

This is when Captain Kirk decides to make black powder from scratch and use some bamboo to create a diamond shooting bazooka. Truly MacGyver has nothing on Captain Kirk.

The Gorn battle was so much fun, it’s exactly what we love about Star Trek.  Even though we haven’t seen much from the Gorn since “The Arena” (besides one poorly CGI animated appearance on Star Trek: Enterprise) they are an iconic Star Trek species and so come in at #3 on our list.

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