Star Trek’s Top 10 Federation Ships

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2 Enterprise

Class: Constitution

Registry: NCC-1701

Size: 305m

Top Speed: Warp 9 at extreme risk

Armament: Phasers, Torpedoes

Crew Complement: 432

Five Year Mission From 2265 to 2270

The ship that started it all, the original USS Enterprise. The original Enterprise set the standard for what all other Federation ships in Star Trek would be.  We still love the classic two nacelles and saucer look that this ship passed down.

This is the ship that helped Kirk teach the Klingons a word for surrender.

We obviously couldn’t have a list of Federation vessels and not have the original Enterprise on that list. The real question is, why is the original Enterprise at number two on the list?

We put the original Enterprise at number two not because of what she isn’t, but because of what number one is…

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