New Star Trek Series To Start Filming In September

The new CBS Star Trek series will start filming in September in Toronto.

ICYMI: I have a Star Trek confession to make… I don’t actually hate Wesley Crusher.

According to Pop Goes The News the new CBS Star Trek show is set to being filming in September of this year.  This means the new Star Trek will incredibly begin filming 50 years after the original Star Trek!

Pop Goes The News also says that the new Star Trek will be filmed in Toronto. The show filming in Toronto is interesting because Star Trek Beyond was also filmed in Canada. Beyond was filmed in Vancouver though, not Toronto, and most rumors still say that the new show won’t be connected to the recent movies.

A September filming date also makes it very likely that we hear who the cast is going to be, and get some sort of teasers, at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. CBS may also save that for one of the Trek anniversary events in September, but the chances that they are able to keep the cast a secret until September seem small.

It’s so exciting to finally have a new Star Trek series to talk about after ten years. 2016 and 2017 are going to be incredible years for Star Trek fans.

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