10 Reasons Picard Was The Best Star Trek Captain

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Patrick Stewart was an Englishman – His father was a WWII veteran

This doesn’t really have a bearing on what Captain Picard was like, but it did affect Patrick Stewart who portrayed the character that many say ‘made’ the show what it was.

Patrick Stewart is an award-winning actor and probably one of the show’s most successful actors outside of the Star Trek universe. He was born in Yorkshire, England and his father, Alfred Stewart was Regimental Sergeant Major in the British Army. This rank usually meant he would have a moustache and a stick and shout at most people except Commissioned Officers. His father was indeed a war hero.

His father was involved in World War II and assisted in the Allied retreat from Dunkirk. He was assisting in the evacuation of Allied troops and helped to save many lives. He suffered PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, after the events and was said to be a difficult character. In a 2008 interview, Patrick Stewart said his father was “a very potent individual, a very powerful man who got what he wanted.”

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