50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Bradley Whitford

Bradley Whitford is probably best known as Josh Lyman from The West Wing. On The West Wing, deputy chief of staff Josh Lyman is constantly finding ways to get into trouble but always manages to find a way out. Much of the time, the trouble is caused by Josh diving headfirst into a problem before he has properly assessed the situation. It may sound a bit reckless, but combined with Josh’s witty and fun personality it makes for excellent television. A Star Trek captain with the same attitude and occasional disregard for authority would be a lot of fun.

Bradley Whitford’s captain would be less brash and cocky than James Kirk. He would definitely make the type of captain that you’d want to follow on an adventure and then sit down with for a beer after. However, a Josh Lyman goes to Starfleet captain would need a reliable Donna Moss type second in command to anticipate the trouble he’s about to get in and be ready to help him out.

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