50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Mark Harmon

Fans of the first Star Trek series will fondly remember Captain Kirk’s knockout judo chop and his brash, sometimes over-the-top, charisma. We reckon Mark Harmon from NCIS could give us a similar style, but with a little more subtlety. When fans of the show talk about the new series, they usually want to take a step back from the ideas of JJ Abrams and go back to the roots of Trek and the messages of hope that it gave us. I think that having a witty, streetwise character in charge can give us just that.

We imagine Mark Harmon would portray a character in between Kirk and Picard. Many considered Picard too aristocratic and Kirk too brash; if we have a character that finds a middle ground between these captains, arguably the best ones, we might be onto a winner. We think that Mark Harmon could be the perfect man to do the job.

Harmon has the fighting skills to dispatch any intruder, the diplomatic skills to handle any fiery disputes and the leadership skills to lead a new cast on new adventures through the galaxy.

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