The Craziest Costumes From Star Trek The Original Series

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Fridays Child – Villagers

Friday’s Child has all the ingredients of a classic Star Trek episode. Space battles with Klingons, remote plants that look just like America and aliens covered in colorful fur and fake hair, some even sprouting from their hoods.

“Captain’s Log, stardate 3497.2. Planet Capella Four. The rare mineral topaline, vital to the life-support systems of planetoid colonies, has been discovered in abundance here. Our mission, obtain a mining agreement. But we’ve discovered a Klingon agent has preceded us to the planet. A discovery which has cost the life of one of my crewmen.

Best episode quote:

"“The child was named Leonard James Akaar?” “Has a kind of a ring to it, don’t you think, James?” “Yes. I think it’s a name destined to go down in galactic history, Leonard. What do you think, Spock?” “I think you’re both going to be insufferably pleased with yourselves for at least a month… sir.”"

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