Seven Of Nine To Return In The New Star Trek Series?


Jeri Ryan has revealed that she wouldn’t rule out a return to the Star Trek universe.

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We recently heard that Kate Mulgrew had refused to rule out a return to Star Trek in the upcoming new television series, and now Jeri Ryan who played 7 of 9 in the same series, Star Trek: Voyager, has also revealed that she wouldn’t mind reprising her role.

We fondly remember 7 as the Borg drone-turned-sultry Starfleet officer and her performances (and tight fitting uniforms) won her a legion of fans around the world. She recently revealed in an interview with Digital Spy that she wouldn’t turn down the chance to revisit the character under Bryan Fuller’s direction.

"“My understanding is that it’s in a very different world from any of the previous shows – but never say never. It’d be fun to just drop in and revisit her – not that I want to revisit her all the time!”"

It might be difficult to squeeze Seven into any storyline, given the rumored time period in which the show is thought to be set in. Nothing, however, has been confirmed and there is always the possibility that a visionary writer might find a way that doesn’t feel forced. She also had kind words to say about Bryan Fuller, the head of the new show:

"“Number one, I just love him personally. He’s such a great guy. He’s incredibly talented and he has such a great and quirky vision for all of the projects he’s done. I think he’s going to bring that creative spin – but still have respect for the original beast because he wrote for it for so long [on  Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine]. He’s just going to be great. I’m thrilled for him.”"

Speaking of her role, she said:

"“That character gave me a career. That was a beautifully written character to get to play as an actor. She was really a gift. As far as legacy to the fans, it was yet another really strong portrayal of a woman. She was incredibly intelligent and incredibly strong. Young girls can grow up – and have grown up – looking up to her. I’ve heard from a lot of young women now watching Star Trek that she inspired them to go into engineering, into astrophysics and any number of STEM industries.”"

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