5 Fantastic Star Trek Beyond Spoilers

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The NX class is back with the Franklin. After the crew finds themselves stranded after Krall’s swarm ships destroy the Enterprise they come upon an old NX class ship the Franklin.

The Franklin is a wonderful throwback to the ships seen in Star Trek: Enterprise and it’s design is just wonderful. It really has that NX feel and it’s great fun to see an NX ship in action in the Kelvin timeline universe.

It’s obvious that Paramount was listening to the fans because it would have been easy to mess up the Franklin and create something totally new, but instead they took the time to design a ship that would make Star Trek fans get excited. The Franklin’s uniforms and shuttle pods are fantastic throwbacks to Enterprise as well.

I can see the Franklin becoming a new favorite side ship for Trekkies, like the Reliant and Excelsior.

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