Does Star Trek Discovery registry mean a pre-TOS series?

The Discovery, the ship in CBS’ new Star Trek Discovery series has a registry number of NCC-1031, does this mean the series might be set before Star Trek: The Original Series.

ICYMI: Star Trek Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller tweets out a picture of the Discovery’s captain’s chair.

We first saw the Discovery on a trailer that was tweeted out, but now a YouTube version has been released and you can see the ship much better. In the higher definition video you can also clearly see the ship’s registry number is NCC-1031.

The other main vessel registries from Star Trek have been:

Enterprise NX-01

Enterprise NCC-1701

Enterprise NCC-1701 A

Reliant NCC-1864

Excelsior NCC-2000

Enterprise NCC-1701 D

Defiant NCC-75633

Voyager NCC-74656

So NCC-1031 appears to come before even Star Trek: The Original Series‘ Enterprise. Does this mean that Star Trek Discovery will be set before Star Trek: The Original Series?  There could be another explanation for the low registry number of the Discovery (we know the registry numbers don’t alway go in order), but it’s an interesting thought to be sure.

Check it out for yourself.

The ships hull also looks very similar to the USS Franklin seen in Star Trek Beyond, does that mean a Kelvin timeline series?

What do you think about Star Trek Discovery? Will it be set before Star Trek: The Original Series? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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