Star Trek Discovery is set in the Prime timeline

Star Trek Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller confirms that the new Star Trek series will take place in the Prime timeline.

ICYMI: Star Trek Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller tweeted a picture of an unfinished captains chair that is probably the seat from CBS’ new Star Trek series.

If you were one of the Kelvin timeline haters who was worried about Star Trek Discovery taking place in that timeline you can take a deep breath, Star Trek Discovery is set in the Prime timeline.

Discovery’s showrunner Bryan Fuller has confirmed that Discovery is a Prime adventure.

It only makes sense that Star Trek Discovery would be a Prime timeline show, after all CBS owns the rights to the other prime properties. Why would CBS set their new show in a timeline where the only other property is owned by Paramount?

So here’s a quick rundown of what we know so far:

The ship’s name is Discovery and it’s registry makes us think it’s set pre or during the Star Trek: The Original Series timeline.

We’ve seen the Discovery captain’s chair thanks to Bryan Fuller.

The Discovery has some striking similarities to the designs from Star Trek: Phase II.

We took a hard look at the Star Trek Discovery trailer and broke it down scene by scene, this is turing out to be an intriguing Star Trek series full of possibilities.

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