4 epic Star Trek Discovery fan theories

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Star Trek The Romulan War

Towards the end of the Star Trek Discovery trailer many fans said they thought they heard a cloaking device. The sound of the cloaking device could be coming from the Discovery as it cloaks, which might lend credence to the Klingon and Section 31 theories, or it could be the sound of a Romulan ship cloaking.

We know the Federation and Romulans fought a war from 2156 – 2160 that ended in a treaty that created the Romulan neutral zone. Other conflicts with the Romulans could have happened however, even though the Romulans and Federation didn’t make first contact until Star Trek: The Original Series.

A Romulan war, or Romulan cold war series would again leave plenty of room for intrigue and secret missions from an asteroid base.

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