The Federation Is Not Fascist

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The bundle of sticks.

This final point hinges on the fact that Scotty in Star Trek Beyond talked about the bundle of sticks proverb. Scotty says that the crew is stronger together, like a bundle of sticks. This of course comes from the Roman Faces, which was the original symbol for fascism.

Basically the video claims that one comment about teamwork from one person in your society makes your whole society fascist. So if anyone you’ve ever known has said anything about teamwork look out, because your country is a fascist state!

All the points in this video were ridiculous and not terribly well researched. It sounds like the video creators may be fans of some less science fiction franchises and are just railing against what they don’t understand.

In the end though the video did get a lot of views and is sponsored by Starbucks, so the video makers probably go what they wanted.

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