Star Trek drops out of warp at 14th in Fandom 250

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#5 Star Trek is for everyone.

We all know that Star Trek was the first show to have an african american lead character, and of course Star Trek also had the first interracial kiss on screen, but it goes even farther than that.

LeVar Burton has spoken many times about how important it was to see Uhura on the bridge of the Enterprise. He knew there would be a place for him in that future. What you might not know though is that Burton’s character Geordi also inspired people by being on the Enterprise.

Burton often talks about how people with disabilities will tell him that he inspired them by showing them that they would have a place in the future.

Star Trek isn’t just for the perfect suave hero, it’s for everyone.

This isn’t to say that other franchises weren’t diverse, it’s just that Star Trek was really the pioneer series in that regard.

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