30 Reasons Why Captain Picard is Better than Captain Kirk

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He is a lot nicer than Kirk can be

The thing about men like Kirk is they are attractive because they are not the nicest men in the world. For some reason, a lot of people like that (and I’m going to say I’m one of them because come on guys. Kirk is hot, we can’t deny that.)

But there is also something of value in a man who is just generally a nice person. Of course he has his moments, we all do, but on the grand scheme of things, he is a kinder man who just wants to work towards the greater good.

Not to say that Kirk doesn’t want that same goal. He does, he just doesn’t know how to go about doing it without angering a whole lot of people. Even Pine’s Kirk isn’t generally the nicest of men. Yeah, he tries his best but he also gets in a ton of fights for no reason and is picky about the dumbest things. Like his chair in Star Trek Beyond.

With Picard, in that same situation, he would have adjusted his shirt, cleared his throat, and then continued to pace around the bridge. Because that is just who he is. No one would have called it out, it would have just happened and they all would’ve moved on. Because Picard is just a nicer person.