The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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Missouri – Scott Bakula

There are essentially two prominent television roles which Missouri’s Scott Bakula is best known for. The first would be as the starring character Dr. Sam Beckett on the science fiction series Quantum Leap. That role would see him as a physicist who leaps through spacetime into the bodies of various individuals at different points in time. For playing Dr. Beckett, Bakula would earn four Emmy nominations and a Saturn Award.

Later in life, Bakula would get another large starring role in a science fiction series. He plays Captain Jonathon Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise. From the conception of the series, Bakula was always the producers first choice for the part. In fact, they’ve since admitted they had no other names in mind for the role. Bakula was always meant to play the captain in all nearly 100 episodes of the series.

Bakula later reprises the role of Captain Archer in Star Trek video games involving the Enterprise canon. He’s kept busy with appearing in many other TV shows and feature film releases as well. More recently you can see him as the major character Dwayne Pride on the crime drama NCIS and its spinoff show NCIS: New Orleans.