The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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Brannon Braga is the dude on the right. – Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Montana – Brannon Braga

Hollywood personality Brannon Braga is typically busiest behind the scenes. He works as a screenwriter and producer for many different projects. When it comes to Star Trek, he’s a particularly big fan and he’s very involved. He is a “key creative force” behind three of the four modern series from the franchise.

It makes sense. Braga actually began his career as an intern on The Next Generation. From there, he worked up to become where he is today. But he stuck with Star Trek quite a bit, having worked on both Voyager and Enterprise in the years since. He also co-wrote two of the movies, Star Trek: Generations and Star Trek: First Contact.

When it comes to acting, well, Braga doesn’t do as much. He only has one acting credit to his name, but guess what it’s for? Yep, Star Trek: First Contact. Braga plays “Man Sitting on Table in Holodeck Night Club”. That’s certainly not something to really write home about in terms of major acting roles. However, he seems to be the only Montana native who’s ever appeared on Star Trek. And since he’s so involved behind the scenes as well, I’ll go ahead and just call him Montana’s best Star Trek actor.