The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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Thomas Kopache in Star Trek Generations – Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

New Hampshire – Thomas Kopache

Manchester born actor Thomas Kopache has a unique distinction as a versatile Star Trek actor. He has appeared in all four of the TV shows set in the Star Trek universe, all but the original series. Kopache is also one of only five actors to play seven different characters in Star Trek fiction.

The actor would first join the Star Trek ranks with The Next Generation. In the episode “The Next Phase”, Kopache plays the Romulan Mirok. The episode called “Emergence” he plays the Engineer, a hologram. In Star Trek: Generations, a TNG based movie, he plays a Starfleet communications officer.

Perhaps Kopache’s biggest role in the franchise is on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. On the show, he plays the father of Kira Nerys, Kira Tabin. He would appear in two episodes of the show in this role. Although Kopache gets around in the Star Trek universe, this is the only role he would play more than once.

Additionally, on Star Trek: Voyager, Kopache appears in the episode “Thaw” as Viorsa. Later, on Star Trek: Enterprise, he would play an additional two separate roles; the Alien in “Harbinger” and Vulcan Attaché Tos in part 1 of “Broken Bow”.