A look at Discovery’s theme and opening title sequence

For those concerned Star Trek: Discovery would have theme music performed by a pop band, fear no longer. The orchestra is back, and it’s brilliant.

With all due respect to Enterprise’s choice of “Faith Of The Heart” as its theme song, we miss Star Trek’s natural choice of orchestral opening to its shows. Thankfully, Star Trek: Discovery returned to its roots with an orchestral theme of its own.

In fact, there may be no better description of this theme than returning to its roots. The first notes of the top are a clear homage to the original series’ theme song, as is its closing tones.

Check out the opening sequence and theme embedded below.

Between its honorific open and close lies a modern theme which just drips Star Trek from every string pluck and gust of wind through a horn.

Along with the theme come a series of melded shots on a parchment-like background. Flitting between props like dilithium crystals, the hull of Discovery, an environmental suit akin to the one Commander Michael Burnham wears in the early stages of “The Vulcan Hello”, a phaser, a communicator and more, it leaves no doubt what you’re about to watch.

Earlier in September, composer Jeff Russo walked viewers through the composition and mood of the theme. Russo used a 64-piece orchestra for the theme of Discovery. It was important to both Russo and executive producer Alex Kurtzman that the music be orchestral and not played through a synthesizer.

With two episodes down and 13 to go, let’s get used to hearing this tune every Sunday.