Reviewing The Vulcan Hello and Battle At The Binary Stars

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Technology from this show is significantly more impressive than that of the original series, which is set 10 years after Discovery. That’s simply unavoidable. TOS operated on a budget which could generously be described as “shoestring”, and we’re not going to see a high budget television program in 2017 utilizing tinsel and tin foil for props and effects.

Better to see Discovery’s technology as a progression from today’s technology, rather than 10 years earlier than TOS.

We lost Captain Philippa Georgiou far too soon, and we lost T’Kuvma too soon as well. Two charismatic, compelling characters died in the same battle. Georgiou’s death helps launch Burnham’s ultimate tale, and T’Kuvma’s death will likely radicalize the Klingons in future episodes. The battle on the Klingon bridge is certain to have long-lasting consequences throughout the rest of the season.

Captain Georgiou, and T’Kuvma, though we never got the chance to know you well enough, you are missed.