Top 6 ways the Star Trek franchise can move forward

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Another Entry in the main series

Star Trek: The Third Generation (Yes, the name needs work, but it’s still better then Star Trek: Phase II), in my estimation this would be by far the most popular option for the series to follow, The Next Generation was a huge success, even more so once Riker grew his beard and the series grew out of its infancy.

We followed the Adventures of the Enterprise 1701, and would later skip to the fifth in the Enterprise D, and while both of the movie series to follow-up on these crews have featured updated ships and replacements, A and E respectively, the logical jump would be to put us in the tenth ship to carry the Name Enterprise, NCC-1701-I.

We would have no previous knowledge of the Enterprise I, while we know the Enterprise J will battle the sphere builders, in one reality at least, and we’ve seen what it looks like, the i would be fresh territory, and if successful could even lead to the crew from that ship charging into action against the Sphere Builders in their own followup movie series.

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We would finally enter the 25th century, and see what happens to our little corner of space with Romulus destroyed, Spock missing and whatever else Star Trek: Picard has in store for us, we already know that ‘History will never forget the name, Enterprise’ so here’s hoping that CBS will not forget it either.