The Top 20 most impactful deaths in Star Trek history

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Copyright CBS – Commander Charles Trip Tucker III

10. Commander Charles ‘Trip’ Tucker, the third

You could be forgiven for not remembering the death of Commander Charles Tucker, even though he more or less died twice during the run of his series.

The first time we see Trip die is as his clone Sim during the Star Trek: Enterprise episode Similitude in which a clone is created with a 15 day lifespan to extract brain tissue to save the life of the real Commander Charles Tucker III.

Tuckers second death occurred, essentially, on the holodeck of the Enterprise D, during the regrettable series finale These are the voyages… when after being saved from death by his friend and Captain, Jonathan Archer he returned the favour by luring a group of aliens to a plasma junction which he claimed he could use for communications to bring them their target, Shran, but instead rigged the junction to explode killing both the aliens and himself.

While it was a heroic death after a long and storied career abroad Enterprise, and Trip was certainly one of the best parts of the series, his death ultimately became muted by the poor execution of the series finale taking place on a holodeck during the events of an episode of another series.

None the less, as Tuckers death saved his Captain, and founding member of the United Federation of Planets, Jonathan Archer it’s impact can not be understated. Had it not been for his sacrifice the Federation may not have existed.