The Top 20 most impactful deaths in Star Trek history

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13. Amanda Grayson

While the prime timeline gave us little insight into Spock’s human mother, the Kelvin Timeline’s Spock was largely shaped by her death. It gave a parallel to the changes in the Spock character as the death of George Kirk gave to the Kelvin’s James T. Kirk.

Despite his wish to appear Vulcan we know that Spock is half human, constantly at odds with himself, fighting his emotions, attempting to be the incarnation of logic, but the death of his mother Amanda threw him through enough of an emotional loop that Captain Kirk was able to reclaim his rightful place as Captain of the Enterprise in Star Trek (2009).

There have been few characters seen as little as Amanda Grayson who have so profoundly affected the events and characters in the Star Trek universe, the impact of her death forever altered the dynamic and the command structure of the flagship of the Federation, and indeed of the characters themselves.

Her death during the destruction of Vulcan at the hands of Captain Nero was a heartbreaking moment felt by not just one incarnation of her son who came so close to saving her, but also to an alternate incarnation of her son who felt at least somewhat responsible for the events that lead to hear death in this reality.