Star Trek : Alex Kurtzman is the worthy successor to Gene Roddenberry

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A Star Trek for everyone

When Star Trek was on the verge of cancellation following its second season the fans stood united to save it, when it was cancelled after the third season the fans stood united to save it, but with each subsequent change, addition, new property new location some piece of fandom has stood against it.

"It’s not true to Gene’s vision, I’ll stick to [Insert favourite series here]  -Fans"

But once you know the history, you know that nothing outside of the original series was true to Gene’s vision, and even that was tempered by extremely tight budgets, a studio that didn’t believe in them and a weekly shooting schedule they had to follow. Gene’s vision has never truly been on-screen, at least not how he envisioned it.

This is the positive behind Alex Kurtzman’s promise of creating a series of new shows and concepts to appeal to a wider variety of fans, don’t like Star Trek Discovery? No problem, that’ll be over here, you can watch Star Trek Picard, not sure its light-hearted enough for you? No problem, we also have Star Trek Lower Decks for your comedy fix.

While some fans will bemoan this as quantity over quality, it’s simply not the case, there’s enough talent, creativity and budget to go around and have each series live in its own ecosystem. And if one or two don’t find their audience, or lose a key figure there’s still a strong behind the scenes community built around the franchise to keep it healthy.

Gone are the days when UPN could decide to dump the show in the death slot and kill the franchise.

Gone are the days when one thing ending after its seven season run left us on edge wondering if there would be another.

Gone are the days without Star Trek.

And as a fan I couldn’t be happier with the direction we’re headed.