10 ways Kelvin Star Trek is better than Prime, and 5 ways it’s Worse

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Star Trek Into Darkness Bridge Crew

01: Better: It Brought Trek Back

What can I say, the destruction of the USS Kelvin, the recasting of the crew, the unfortunate return of Khan, the action, the adventure, the loss of life and addition of tech…All of it combined to do one thing that at the time seemed like it might never happen, after what seemed like forever it brought Trek back.

Looking over the last 14 items you may have, and likely did, disagree with one point or another, maybe even all of them. You may dislike the Kelvin Timeline and Star Trek Discovery but one thing is for sure it doesn’t get any better than bringing Star Trek out of it’s long sleep and back into our lives.

We heard about the franchise fatigue, but were any of us really fatigued?

Yeah, there were some soft numbers for Star Trek Enterprise. Sure, we missed the other shows, but I have yet to meet one Star Trek fan who wished for years without any of it at all.

So for all of its faults and despite all of its other strengths we rate bringing Star Trek back as the best thing about the Kelvin Timeline.

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