10 ways Kelvin Star Trek is better than Prime, and 5 ways it’s Worse

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Star Trek Into Darkness Spock wearing a seatbelt Copyright Paramount

12 : Better: More action & better action

On the other side of the same coin we have more action and better action, not for the overall tone of the franchise, we stand by our belief that at it’s heart Star Trek is an adventure story, but as it always had elements of action to make it complete so we also have to acknowledge the overall improvement of the quality of that action and everything it brings to the table..

Early space battles in Star Trek were made from generic exterior shots, crudely rendered phasers or photo torpedoes and the crew jumping around the stationary bridge set while cameras shook, the director pointed them at where to fall and sparks came out of dedicated panels designed for that purpose. It was great for its time, but as the series has evolved it needed to keep pace with the action in space battles.

When it came to away team fights, or one on. one combat things also fell short Sure when Captain Kirk fought the Gorn (Arena) it became an instant classic, a scene reimagined and made into tributes to their love of the series by fans, but the actual fight sequence, the action of it was a little tame. Don’t believe me? check it out for yourself.

No wait, that might have been from a remake or spin-off. But either way it was a rather tame fight necessitated by the lack of resources they had available at the time It was made.

Various scenes from battles, ships being destroyed and even sound effects were often reused during the run of the Original Series, again this was necessary to keep the show on budget and practical in that they didn’t need to build and destroy models of dozens of the same item, but it was obvious to fans when certain things were reused.

With the new series of movies the budgets were much larger, technology and fight choreography have improved immensely even from the more recent movies In the Star Trek franchise allowing for scenes that writers could previously only imagine, but would never have been able to achieve.

For this reason we rank more action & better action as better for the stories and for the fans.