Star Trek Discovery S2E3 Point of Light – Spoiler Free Review and Full Recap

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Star Trek Discovery New Eden Michael Burnham

Point of Light

Commander Burnham begins the episode with a monologue explaining the red signals and their connection to Spock, as she speaks a group of command training program cadets, featuring Tilly run by as a part of a marathon, the camera follows them until they pass the next intersection where Tilly  runs into the vision of her friend May from the previous episode. Tilly stops and tells May that she isn’t real, that the real May died and resumes her run with a new determination, ultimately coming in first. She is quickly congratulated by Saru, Michael and May.

Yellow alert is called as Michael and Saru enter the bridge, an unknown vessel is approaching, a small craft with a diplomatic callsign requesting permission to transfer a dignitary, they recognize the ship as Sarek’s. Captain Pike confides in Michael that he is concerned because Sarek has been receiving their updates, along with the news that Spock has checked into a psychiatric hospital.

Michael is sent to the transporter room to greet Sarek but instead finds Amanda Grayson, her foster mother, and Spock’s biological mother, beaming in She tells Michael that Spock needs help and Michael is the only one she can turn to.

Star Trek: Discovery S2E3 “Point of Light” (Image: CBS Studios)

Opening Credits.

In the Klingon Council Chamber L’Rell and Ash present the new D7 Klingon Battle Cruiser to the councillors, explaining that it will be a new ship for the United Klingon Empire, free from the symbols of the Great Houses and instead with the symbol of the Empire alone.

One member of the council Kol-sha, begins speaking English accusing L’Rell of allowing a human into the council when he only belongs in her bedroom. L’Rell chastises the descender telling him his old ways are gone and he should remove the war paint he still wears. Ash steps and attacks Kol-Sha rubbing his hand on the war paint on his face to remove some of it and telling him that it’s the Torchbearer’s job to get his hands dirty so the Chancellor doesn’t need to.

On Discovery Amanda and Michael speak in a corridor, Amanda says that the Starbase where Spock was reportedly being taken care of had denied her all access, she has stolen his medical files and needs Michael’s help to decrypt them.

On Qo’nos L’Rell and Ash discuss how tho handle Kol-Sha, but while Ash complains that her uncle should be backing them up more and L’Rell defends her uncle while touching Ash he admits that he still has the feelings of his Human persona and that L’Rell holding him feels like a violation.

On Discovery Michael and Amanda sit with Captain Pike asking him to decrypt the medical files, after refusing to violate the rules by opening a stolen file and instead calls the Starbase to ask for an update. He is refused and told that the files are classified as Spock is wanted for murdering three doctors to escape. Pike is also told that several of Spock’s files are missing and an investigation is underway.  Captain Pike ends the call and hands the files back to Michael giving her a direct order to decrypt them.

"Elements of the case just got complicated, some of Spock’s files are missing, we have no idea how, rest assured they have…. people… on it."

Not your average manhunt

Michael and Amanda watch a video of a doctor explaining that Spock has shown extremely emotional responses and a lack of empathy, they discuss the possibility of his innocent or guilty because of his mental state.

Amanda admits that Spock becoming a psychopath is something he had long worried about, something she feels deeply responsible for through her allowing his full Vulcan training.

As the medical files continue to load images of the Red Angel drawn by Spock appear. Amanda says that she thought Spock had left the angel in the past, that he had started seeing it when he was a small boy and it had changed him. A call comes in and Michael leaves to answer it.

Ash Tyler appears as a hologram in Michael’s quarters, they discuss the possibility that L’Rell could be in danger of being overthrown by Kol-Sha and after Michael promises to give the message to Starfleet command they discuss their current personal situations and touch on the hair the Klingons have begun to grow now that the war is over.

Star Trek: Discovery S2E3 “Point of Light” (Image: CBS Studios)

Life Training…

Saru addresses the Command Training Program Cadets, Tilly is once again joined by her apparition May as they hear that they will shadow senior officers.

Tilly reports to Captain Pike as May protests in her ear that Pike is not the Captain, she insists that she needs to see the scary blonde haired Captain, which Tilly understands to mean Lorca. As Tilly beings her training with Pike May continues to taunt her and she eventually yells at May, making her look like she is yelling at Captain Pike. Tilly stands and exits the bridge saying she quits.

Ash sits alone in a room on Qo’nos before realizing that he is being watched by a hooded figure, he picks up a weapon and quickly heads towards L’Rell’s Uncle’s house threatening him but her uncle says that he is not spying, but that it isn’t him who hides things from Ash but rather L’Rell.

Unable to maintain the secret he opens a chamber and brings ash in to see an albino Klingon infant in a crib, the son of L’Rell and Voq.

Star Trek: Discovery S2E3 “Point of Light” (Image: CBS Studios)

A child is born…

Ash looks into a fire as L’Rell approaches and explains to Ash that she learned she was pregnant as Voq was transformed, she admits that she has yet to meet or name their child as he makes her vulnerable. He is upset that she didn’t tell him about the child and she questions his calling Michael. Ash insists that while he can never be Voq again, they can still remain a family and they agree to bring their son home.

More from Redshirts Always Die

Michael and Amanda stand in a lab, Michael asks when the Angel first appeared to Spock and Amanda recounts a story about Spock running away from home following a bombing, Spock had a vision of the Red Angel showing him where someone who needed help was and Sarek went searching, the person in need of help turned out to be Michael. Of course we know from earlier episodes that the bombing killed her parents leading her to join Sarek’s family.

Michael admits that she had done something terrible to Spock to save him from the terrorist Logic Extremists that had killed her parents, she vows to repair their relationship and find Spock, but Amanda can’t accept her words and she takes the files and leaves to find him herself.

On Qo’nos, Ash and L’Rell enter her uncle’s chamber to find him hanging from a light, the crib is empty and Kol-Sha appears as a hologram holding the baby who is now painted like him. He admits that he was only trying to spy when he discovered the child, but he is willing to trade the child’s life for control of the Klingon High Council.

Tilly enters her room to find Michael, Michael who appears to have cried asks her what happened earlier on the bridge, but May reappears asking forgiveness for her outburst on the bridge. Tilly explains the apparition to Michael and asks for help as May continues to ask for Tilly’s assistance before finally exiting the room. During the exchange Tilly tells Michael that May doesn’t know what tears are which leads Michael to the conclusion that she is not a ghost, but more likely another life-form and sends Tilly to Stamets.

L’Rell and Ash face Kol-Sha and his guards, but after refusing the deal a fight breaks out between the two sides, L’Rell and Ash kill the first few guards in a very well choreographed fight before being stunned by some sort of weapon and paralyzed.

While paralyzed L’Rell’s finger is placed on a pad signing her release of her seat on the council. Kol-Sha plans to execute Ash but as he raises his weapon as a hooded figure beams in and with floating drones kills the remaining guards instantly and allowing L’Rell to kill Kol-Sha. The hooded figure, who we had seen earlier in Ash’s chamber pulls her hood back to show her identity, Agent Georgiou.

Star Trek: Discovery S2E3 “Point of Light” (Image: CBS Studios)

Section 31

Georgiou explains that she is there to protect L’Rell’s seat on the council, ash calls her Emperor and she corrects him that she is a retired Starfleet Captain who is working as a consultant for the Federation.  She continues to explain to L’Rell that she would be better off to kill Ash and the Child to maintain her seat.

Tilly sits with Saru in a lab and they discuss her pending return to the Command Training program once they solve her problem, as Stamets injects Tilly with something as May returns and says that Stamets is the Captain she’s looking for. Stamets explains that May is a spore parasite she has been infected with. May protests and asks for Tilly’s help to speak with Stamets.

Stamets uses a device to remove the parasite and May disappears as a floating ball of something looking a bit like a changeling appears out of her chest and floats across the room before being barricaded by a force field. Saru draws his weapon and calls for security.

On Qo’nos L’Rell explains to the council that Ash was a traitor who had given information to Starfleet, she tells them that his life is worth far less then that of their people and holds up the head of Ash and her child before throwing them into a volcano saying that the empire is far more important than their lives. She says that as she will only bear one child in her lifetime she now deserves a new title, she will no longer be called the Chancellor but instead they will now call her Mother.

A small vessel with Voyager-like folding navels drops out of warp, as we get a look inside it seems to be Starfleet but quickly is revealed to be a Section 31 Ship. Georgiou talks to Ash who holds his son. She explains that they are Section 31 and they talk about leaving the child to become a monk, devout to Khaless, this was L’Rell’s plan. As the child is beamed out Georgiou invites Ash to join Section 31.

Star Trek: Discovery S2E3 “Point of Light” (Image: CBS Studios)

As the episode ends Georgiou speaks with Leland who tells her they want Ash’s skills and tells her to work on her recruitment speech.

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While it did little to further the main mission of the season this episode did a lot to put more light on the birth of the Klingon nation, to set up Section 31 as a major player in the season and to increase the connection between Spock and Michael.