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Wendy Hughes as Commander Nella Daren
Last Appearance Star Trek The Next Generation (1993)

Editors note: Sadly we have learned that Wendy Hughes passed away in 2014 following a battle with cancer.

Although Wendy Hughes only made one appearance in Star Trek The Next Generation, the life Lessons she shared in with her boyfriend and commanding officer Jean-Luc Picard were profound for both characters, and though they were forced to part ways by the end of the episode as Commander Daren transferred to the USS Yosemite in order to avoid any possible future conflict between their personal and professional lives.

As the episode ended they both promised to find a path forward for their relationship through mutually arranged shore leave and subspace calls, and though both of them knew their dynamic and promise for the future would be forever altered by the physical distance between them their intent was no doubt pure. We know that, on-screen at least, they would not see each other again up until the events of Star Trek Nemesis and both may have thought the relationship was all but over.

Looking forward to Star Trek Picard providing us a character study for a man deeply impacted by the events of his life and promising to show him in a very retrospective light it would seem likely that Jean-Luc would be looking back to some degree on his regrets from the past. As we saw during the events of Star Trek Generations there is some regret, on some level, that he never had a family, and combining that with the lost possibilities that were the relationship with Nella Daren he might just use his new found series to rekindle the romance they once shared.