Top 10 Deaths and Resurrections in Star Trek History

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#8 – Montgomery “Scotty” Scott

“He’s dead Jim!” Doctor McCoy declared shortly before the show cut to a commercial break.

It wasn’t the first time a crew member in a Red Shirt had been killed, but it was the first time a major cast member had been. Fortunately for fans of Star Trek The Original Series Scotty was a certified miracle worker, and even in death he managed to pull off the impossible.

We knew the series would kill characters on a regular basis, some of them in their first episode, others after they had been seen a few times, but to kill off one of the main cast was an unprecedented move at the time. Even if it was only briefly.

How it happened:

The Enterprise is visited by a small life-form named Nomad who disables their shields and comes aboard to investigate them and their technology, during his investigation Nomad has an encounter with Uhura until Scotty intervenes and is thrown across the bridge. McCoy examines him and declares “He’s dead Jim!”

How he returned: 

Fortunately for the crew of the Enterprise Nomad is under the impression that Captain Kirk is his creator and offers to repair the now broken chief engineer. After scanning some information on human physiology Nomad, the Doctor and Captain head down to sick bay where Nomad instantly revives Scotty.

It was a short trip to the other side that seemed to leave no lasting ill effects on him, but as it was the first major death and revival we felt it warranted number 8 on this list.