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Star Trek Journey to Babel – Sarek


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The father of Spock, much like his wife Amanda, Sarek only appeared in one episode of The Original Series, despite the actor portraying him, Mark Leonard, appearing in several. The role was also played by Jonathan Simpson, Ben Cross, and James Frain.

During his episode of The Original Series, it was established that Sarek had a strained relationship with his son, this theme continued as long as Mark Leonard held the role, which spanned The Animated Series, three out of the last four movies to feature the original cast and The Next Generation, in which he shared a mind meld with Captain Picard who would later go on to share the same with Spock following Sarek’s death.

For the Kelvin Timeline, the role was recast with Ben Cross putting on the pointy ears and full Vulcan-blood logic of the Vulcan ambassador to Earth who narrowly escaped the destruction of his planet at the hands of Captain Nero, thanks to Spock’s intervention.

In Discovery Sarek is a recurring character, and foster father to the series main character Michael Burnham who has drawn some fan ire for the fact that she was never mentioned in any of the previous Star Trek series, yet is a sister to its most famous character.

Despite his limited screen time in each iteration, Sarek remains a powerful character who seems to transcend this limited time.