Star Trek fans would love a Stargazer series with a younger Picard

Star Trek has so many options when it comes to expanding the universe, like a young Picard series aboard the Stargazer.

There’s no doubt Star Trek is taking advantage of the ongoing interest in the franchise. Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds are the newest creations. While some fans are interested in new shows that highlight the future, others don’t mind the past as confirmed by a  recent post about a possible Next Generation reboot.

With the popularity of Star Trek: Picard taking fans into the future of the venerable Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, the realization has come that we don’t know as much as we’d like to about this man who’d risen to one of the top ranks in Starfleet. Though Star Trek: The Next Generation gave us a hint of Picard’s time on the Stargazer, it also left a lot of history untold. A new series could fill in the gaps.

All we know at present is that after the death of the previous captain, Picard commanded the Stargazer for 22 years, was instrumental in winning the “Battle of Maxia,” with a unique move, named the Picard Maneuver, that was later studied in Starfleet Academy, escaped Cardassian forces in spite of overwhelming odds, and faced a court-martial after the loss of the Stargazer when it was attacked by the Ferengi. Those battles would be epic on screen now, and we would learn more about the captain which would make Star Trek: Picard even more meaningful.

As James McAvoy ready and willing to take on the role of a younger Jean-Luc, a big part of the casting could be out of the way. While there would be other shoes to fill, those aren’t roles that fans know well which provides Trek a lot more leeway when it comes to casting.

Fans know it’s a long shot for the powers-that-be to delve into Picard’s past at the same time they’re trekking his future, but it’s certainly something we hope they’ll consider.