Welcome To Redshirts Always Die


Welcome to Redshirts Always Die, your new home for everything Star Trek.

We all know what wearing a red shirt on the NCC-1701 meant, it meant you were expendable.  If Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Ensign Billy all beam down to a planet you know who isn’t coming back.  I’m sure Ensign Billy’s wife and kids will miss him.

So why name our new Star Trek site after the poor hapless Redshirts?  Because deep down we might actually be willing to put on a red shirt,  as long as it meant traveling through space with Captian Kirk (you could always just call in sick to away missions). We also wanted you to know exactly what kind of Star Trek site this was going to be.

There are so many Star Trek sites for you to choose from (they are like Tribbles), none of them will be like this one though.

So how will this Star Trek site be different? Well for starters it will have a sense of humor.


No Mr. Worf, we won’t.

One of the reasons Star Trek is so wonderful is that it’s not afraid to laugh at itself, so we won’t be afraid to either. On Redshirts Always Die you’ll find just the right mix of Star Trek news, humor, rumors, memes, fun and Deuterium.

OK, not Deuterium… we all know it’s unstable and I’m no Geordi La Forge.

All brands of Star Trek fans are welcome on Redshirts Always Die.  We will cover the entire Star Trek universe… yes that means even you Tuvix.

All Trekkies are created equal, no matter which version of Star Trek we have chosen as our favorite.  (I’m DS9 all the way.)

There will be no “Kll’inghann’na faviin aefvadh fadh!” here my friends. (That’s “Klingon dogs are not welcome!” in Romulan.)

So let’s get ready to boldly go just in time for a new Star Trek movie and a new Star Trek series.  I love Star Trek and being the editor of a Star Trek site is a dream come true. It’s like the 18th Rule of Acquisition says “A Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all. ”  I love Star Trek like a Ferengi loves profit, so having a Star Trek site finally makes me feel like a whole Ferengi.

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