William Shatner Says Star Trek Musical Story Got Out Of Hand


William Shatner says the Star Trek musical story that has been all over social media has been blown out of proportion.

If you were hoping for to see what a Klingon chorus line looked like I have bad news, William Shatner says the “Star Trek Musical” story that has been all over the internet for the last two days isn’t true.  And here I was so looking forward to the Vulcan Hand Jive.

For a couple of days every major nerd and geek website has been all a flutter over William Shatner saying that he wanted to put together a Star Trek Musical for Star Trek’s 50th anniversary next year. The only problem is that the Shatner says that isn’t exactly what he said.

So Shatner was approached about a Star Trek musical and mentioned it offhand in an interview… that’s more than enough to get the wheels turning these days.  Shatner also took a moment to express his feelings on internet media…

"It's called New Media but I have other names: buzzkill engidjit daily ditz…"

Ouch Captain, that one hurt.

It’s not hard to see how this happens, especially with Star Trek.  Star Trek is going through a renaissance right now and people are buzzing about the new movie and the new series.  There are any number of interesting and exciting Star Trek projects coming up on the horizon and fans are on the lookout for, and going to jump all over, any news they can get.

I personally think a Star Trek musical would be great fun and a great fit, but it may just be my desire to see the Ferengi version of “Cats”.

You never know, many projects have started by getting hype from media on the internet. [cough]Deadpool movie[cough]

Would you want to see a Star Trek musical made? Let us know in the comments below.