William Shatner Says He Would Play “Old Captain Kirk”


William Shatner says he would be willing to play an “old Captain Kirk”.

William Shatner told the Awards Chatter podcast that he’d be willing to play “an old Captain Kirk” in some future Star Trek movie or series.

I’m conflicted on this, but in the end I’d be very excited to see Captain Kirk return to Star Trek.  The Star Trek fans would certainly love to see William Shatner back on screen, and in the end, the lesson we should learn from the current Star Trek movies is that you have to think about the fans.

The problem with the new Star Trek movies is that they are desperately trying to create action movies in space.  They aren’t making Star Trek movies, they are making formulaic action movies to try to get as many people to go to them as possible.  When you put those movies under the “Star Trek” banner though you’ve already pushed some people away.  Then when you make a generic action movie and do nothing to make the fans of the franchise happy you’ve got a movie that no one really wants to see.

Star Wars on the other hand went in the opposite direction with “The Force Awakens.” The newest Star Wars movie was all about the fans.  It was a great movie AND it was full of everything a Star Wars fan would want.  They didn’t try to make Star Wars into the Fast and the Furious with lightsabers.

Could an old Captain Kirk returning to Star Trek be a step in the direction of repairing the franchise? I think it could be.

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