Take An Old School Tour Of The Enterprise


YouTube user Sabri Zain shares a very rare Star Trek: The Next Generation gem, an old school tour of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D.

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It’s time to take a trip down memory lane as the soothing baritone voice of Commander Riker takes us on a Windows 3.1 tour of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D.

Do you miss hearing William Riker talk lovingly about the bridge and ten forward? Well get ready for a very sexy tour of the Enterprise thanks to the PC classic Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manuel and YouTube user Sabri Zain. Zain has been kind enough to put this amazing tour of the Enterprise on YouTube for us, since most Trekkies have probably moved on from Windows 3.1.

Are you going to learn anything really earth shattering on this tour? No, of course not.  Is it going to bring you back to happier days to hear William Riker describe the Captain’s Ready Room as “This room serves as an office, note the desk”? Yes.

So let’s make it so on a classic piece of Star Trek history.

The entire tour is just spectacular, but the Captain’s Ready Room really steals the show.  To hear Riker talk about Captain Picard like he is the messiah is really funny.

“Captain Picard has taken care to surround himself with certain items.” – Commander William Riker

Jeez Riker, no wonder you didn’t take command of the Ares, you had a man crush!

I would love it if more TNG cast members did these, can you imagine Will Wheaton doing a smart-aleck Wesley Crusher tour? That would be amazing.  I guess we should just be happy with the sexiest beard in Star Fleet William Riker though.

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