CBS Might Be Taking Legal Action On LLAP


CBS might be taking legal action against companies whose slogan mimics the famous Spock line “live long and prosper.”

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Pirated Thoughts, a law blog, is reporting that CBS is looking to take legal action against two companies using variations of Spock’s famous “live long and prosper” line.

The companies in question are a vaping company that uses “vape long and prosper” and a food truck that is using “live long and lobster.”  Well right off the bat “live long and lobster” wins, that one is at least funny and cute.  “Vape long and prosper” is just rubbish.

“Vape long and prosper” sounds like the kind of horrible crap someone who vapes would come up with.  Are all your brain cells already dead? Did you have nothing left to spend on your slogan? Spock would never have vaped, Vulcans aren’t douchebags.

As for “live long and lobster” we know that Spock wouldn’t have eaten lobster because Vulcans are vegetarians… T’Pol taught us that. So even delicious butter covered ocean bugs would probably be off the menu for Spock.

Are either of these companies truly doing harm to the Star Trek franchise? Probably not. Is anyone really going to confuse “vape long and prosper” with an official Star Trek endorsed product? Probably not. This is about protecting the brand though and as CBS prepares to launch their new Star Trek series you can expect them to get more vigilant in regards to the intellectual property of the Star Trek franchise.

LLAP is probably the most recognizable phrase associated with Star Trek, so it’s understandable that CBS would want to protect it.

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