It’s Been One Year Since We Lost Leonard Nimoy


We look back at how the world of Star Trek has changed in the year since Leonard Nimoy’s death.

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It’s been a year since Star Trek lost one of its legends in the irreplaceable Leonard Nimoy.  Star Trek goes on though and this year has seen some big changes come to the Federation.

As Star Trek prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary in September the enthusiasm for the franchise may never have been higher. It’s not just the celebration of the golden anniversary of Star Trek, it’s the renewed excitement in the promise of a new Star Trek show in over ten years.

Not only is there a new Star Trek show on the long range senors, but that show appears to have all the signs of carrying on the legacy and spirit of Star Trek.  The new show is going to be full of Star Trek alums, who from everything they have said plan to care for the franchise in the exactly the way you would have hoped.  Bryan Fuller will be the showrunner for the new show and he is not only an alum of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but also a lifelong Trek fan. It’s obvious that this won’t be a show that just uses the Star Trek name to make a money grab, but a show that truly is the new generation of Star Trek.

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Everyday new Star Trek conventions, comics, and events are appearing.  Truly the future of Star Trek has never been more full of hope than it is now.  We think Leonard Nimoy would be proud that the legacy of the show he helped turn into a world wide cultural phenomenon would be carrying on for many many years.