Gene Roddenberry’s Son To Be Executive Producer of New Star Trek Show


Gene Roddenberry’s son will be an executive producer of CBS’ new Star Trek series.

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The new CBS Trek show just added another big name from the universe of Star Trek. The Warp is reporting that Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod Roddenberry will be an executive producer of the new Star Trek series. We think this is just another sign that CBS is serious about making their new Star Trek series something fans of Star Trek will love.

There has been a lot of worry among that Star Trek fan community that CBS would make “The Big Bang Theory In Space” or would try to dumb down Star Trek so that it appealed to as wide an audience as possible; we think you can put those worries to rest.

Roddenberry joins new showrunner Bryan Fuller and possible writer or director Nicholas Meyer in a production team already heavily seeded with Star Trek alums and greats.  Between these classic Trek hiring decisions, and CBS pushing forth a plethora of new cons and con related materials, it’s obvious that they want to court true Trekkies. If CBS was making this series to try to appeal to the lowest common denominator these wouldn’t be their first moves.  If CBS truly wanted to make some pop culture fluff and get as many eyeballs as possible they would have just announced the captain was Benedict Cumberbatch… that guy is in everything.

Rod Roddenberry doesn’t have a ton of production experience, but he will be surrounded by folks who do.  We see his addition as a reminder of what Star Trek is, for the fans of the show and those creating it.  You can’t stray too far from the core of Trek with a Roddenberry walking around the set.

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