Trek Talks Are Coming!


CBS presents a Star Trek speaker series in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek called Trek Talks.

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We are going to get a series of talks on Star Trek? Isn’t that what we do at Star Trek conventions already?

But seriously CBS’ description of the talks sounds pretty wonderful:

"“The Trek Talks will be held around the world between July 2016 and July 2017. and explore Star Trek’s influence on technology, science, society, culture, and more through a series of lectures across the globe.”"

These are basically going to be the Ted Talks of Star Trek. It’s just another way that CBS is getting very creative in driving hype for Star Trek going into the 50th anniversary and the new Star Trek series on CBS All Access.

The Trek Talks won’t be just a random grouping of makeup artists either, CBS is bringing in top scientists, entertainment professionals, and members of academia. Not only that, but you won’t necessarily have to catch them at a Star Trek convention. It looks like some of the talks will be at universities, museums, and festivals as well. Of course the only places we know you’ll be able to catch Trek Talks for sure is Comic-Con San Diego, Star Trek Las Vegas, Star Trek: Mission New York, and Star Trek Europe.

We’re really excited to see where CBS goes with these Star Trek lectures; it’s just more evidence that CBS is going all in on the Star Trek franchise.

In the meantime check out George Takei’s Ted Talk below.

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