Where Is The Star Trek: Beyond Hype?


We’ve gotten one trailer for Star Trek: Beyond and BEYOND that Paramount has been silent about the third installment of their Star Trek reboot.

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So far we’ve gotten one trailer for Star Trek: Beyond and beyond that not much else.  It’s been eerily quiet on the Star Trek front in regards to Paramount and that’s unsettling.  The lack of press is unsettling in a Fantastic Four style “we know this movie is terrible so we’re just going to do the bare minimum of promotion” kind of way. We are 133 days from the premiere of Star Trek: Beyond and we have heard next to nothing… it’s making us uneasy.

It’s our job to find Star Trek news everyday, and while we are continually finding new news about CBS promoting Star Trek’s 50th anniversary and working on a new series due in 2017, we hear next to nothing from Paramount. The Paramount movie which is out this July is being pushed less than a new series that we don’t even have a premiere date for.

The last installment of Paramount’s Star Trek reboot, Star Trek: Into Darkness, wasn’t loved by most Star Trek fans… and for good reason.  It ran away from what Trek was and tried to be a gritty sci-fi epic in the style that seems to be so popular right now.  It also got away from the crew doing what the crew of the Enterprise is supposed to do, explore and meet new alien races. That scene from the trailer where the Enterprise appears to explode worries us, we really don’t want another Star Trek movie without a starship

The reaction to the trailer was also mediocre; look at those like and dislike numbers, 58k likes to 24k dislikes.

It appears that Star Trek: Beyond  has a lighter tone and that the crew is out boldly going, so why silence?  It may just be that Paramount is waiting to ramp things up after the big Marvel movie of the year Captain America: Civil War has it’s day. Or it could simply be that Paramount doesn’t want to show too much of the movie just yet.  But the Fantastic Four feeling persists and is causing us to worry.  Every day we go without Star Trek: Beyond news is a day our fears grow.

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Why do you think we haven’t seen more about Paramount’s Star Trek: Beyond, are you starting to worry about the film? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.