The Best Green Star Trek Aliens

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#6 The Xindi Reptilians and Insectoids

The Xindi were a group of related species that Captain Archer and the crew of the Enterprise had to deal with in Star Trek: Enterprise’s third season. The Xindi attacked earth because they believed that earth would attack them in the future. This was all a big misunderstanding, due to the Temporal Cold War and Star Trek: Enterprise going off the rails in its final seasons.

We didn’t love the Xindi story-line on Enterprise because it got bogged down in the time war and the politics of the Xindi. The time war, known as the Temporal Cold War, was a confusing plot to follow for many viewers and pulled you out of the early Starfleet feel of Enterprise completely.

The coolest aspect of Enterprise was that this would be the first time humans ran into all the classic Star Trek aliens like Klingons and Andorians.  The Xindi got away from this by putting the Enterprise in a war that takes place thousands of years into the future. Also the fact that much of this story revolved around the internal politics of the Xindi species was a bit boring.

The most interesting part of the Xindi was that they were six different intelligent species all from one planet. The Xindi reptilians and insectoids were sort of a muted olive green, but also had shades of brown. So the Xindi make the list, but get no higher than 6.

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