My Ultimate Fantasy Crew For The New Star Trek Series


We don’t know who will be cast in CBS’ new Star Trek series yet, so here’s one lifelong Star Trek fan’s ultimate fantasy crew.

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Every Star Trek fan on the planet is waiting with bated breath for news about the new television series in 2017. We now know who’s going to be producing the series, and we are all certainly glad that Ron Roddenberry is going to have a role to play in the production, but what we really want to know is who will be in it? Who will be commanding the ship? What’s the show’s timeline? Who will be the bad guys? When? What? Who? How?

Calm down! As much as we all want to know everything, they probably haven’t even sparred a second thought to the casting yet. When they do reveal some details, I plan to have an article up and ready faster than you can replicate a pan-fried catfish. Until we get there, I thought I would make the casting selections easier for them and make a few suggestions of my own.

What if you could crew the new Star Trek series with whoever you liked? Who would you choose? Please feel free to add any suggestions or critique mine as you see fit!

Science Officer – Naveen Andrews

I feel as though India has been slightly underrepresented on Federation ships so far. Naveen Andrews is an extremely talented actor who got me completely hooked on Lost and he even won a Golden Globe for those performances. I think he would fit in very well on board a new ship, providing they don’t get lost.

Chief of Security – Ty Burrell

If we can get the coolest dad of all time to come over from the ludicrously funny Modern family then I think Ty Burrell would make an excellent Armory Officer / Chief of Security. I might not be able to take him as seriously as Whorf, but he would certainly be entertaining; he even knows all the songs to High School Musical.

Helmsman – Alexander Skarsgård

He’s getting pretty booked up with movies in Hollywood but I’m sure this handsome Swede could be persuaded to come and drive the ship for a few seasons. I hate to generalize but Swede’s make Volvo’s and they are pretty safe so I am going to guess that Alexander could pilot a warp-speed ship. I am fairly sure his legions of female fans would enjoy his piloting.

Chief Engineer – Emily Browning

This highly talented Australian actress played the love interest of Reggie Kray in Legend which was an excellent movie. If she can handle Tom Hardy going after her I’m sure she can handle a warp engine. B’elanna Torres was one of the best engineers because of her resourcefulness and I imagine Emily to be in a similar mold.

Ship Councilor – Emma Watson

She hasn’t really done a lot since Harry Potter, but she has certainly grown up a bit and hopefully she can impart some of her lessons from Hogwarts when the ship runs into trouble or its crewmen start feeling a little down.

Doctor – Christopher Eccleston

You would feel much safer with a Timelord in sickbay! Christopher Eccleston has a long list of hit movies and he even has experience as a doctor, albeit Doctor Who. Whilst he may not have the TARDIS in sickbay to help him out, or the weird screwdriver thing, he will have a triquater and a hypospray. And he’s English, so he will have superb bedside manners and he’ll probably drink Earl Grey and age gracefully like Jean Luc Picard.

Captain – Mandy Patinkin

Despite being a guy called Mandy, there is nobody I would trust more to lead us into unchartered territory than Saul Berenson. In Homeland, he was the husky voice of reason and gave us (me) hope that America would not be destroyed by the terrorists. I trusted him with the safety of the United Sates and I trust him with the keys to the Federation’s flagship vessel…

What do you think? Who would you have crew the new Star Trek series? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.