Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Star Trek LCARS Interface


Now you can run any project on your Raspberry Pi with Star Trek’s LCARS interface.

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The Library Computer Access and Retrieval System,  or LCARS for short, is the operating system used by the United Federation of Planets in Star Trek.  If you’ve ever watched Data punch in coordinates, or Worf arm the phasers, you’ve seen LCARS.

LCARS is an important part of Star Trek culture, and fans have made versions of Windows and Linux that mimic the LCARS look for years.  The LCARS for Windows and Linux versions weren’t really LCARS though; they weren’t touchscreen and were really just a visual mod of the Windows or Linux operating system.

Now Toby Kuiren has given us the closest thing yet to a real LCARS operating system. Kuiren’s LCARS for Rasberry Pi can be modified to work with just about any project and it looks incredible.

Check out the Raspberry Pi LCARS in action for yourself.

I don’t know what I’m going to control with my Raspberry Pi LCARS, but I’m doing this as soon as possible. As a Star Trek fan this might be as close as I can ever get to scanning the neutral zone for Romulan activity.

Read more about LCARS for Raspberry Pi on Tony Kuiren’s site.

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