Star Trek’s 10 Best Guest Stars

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1. Wallace Shawn

Finally we come to the top spot on our list and the amazing Wallace Shawn. Wallace Shawn is probably best know for playing Vizzini in The Princess Bride, his work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine shouldn’t be overlooked though.

Shawn played Zek the Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance. Zek’s appearances on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine were an absolute delight; they were full of fun and humor as Wallace Shawn created an incredibly fascinating character.  There have been so many alien leaders and dignitaries in Star Trek, but very few stood out like Zek.

What truly impressed us was how Zek grew as a character; by Wallace’s final appearance on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine he was a whole new Ferengi.

Clint Howard, Mark Lenard, and Wallace Shawn were all so amazing in their appearances on Star Trek. Figuring out the order of this top three was next to impossible, so in the end it had to come down to personal taste.  Our love of the Ferengi ended up shinning through for Wallace Shawn.

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