Star Trek’s 10 Best Guest Stars

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6. Barbara Babcock

Barbara Babcock won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 1981 for her portrayal of Grace Gardner on Hill Street Blues, but she was stealing hearts in the stars long before that.

Babcock played many roles on Star Trek including a talking cat, a Tholian, a pulsating green blob, a computer terminal, and of course Mea 3.  Mea 3 appeared in the Star Trek TOS episode “A Taste for Armageddon” and was an absolutely fascinating character. Mea’s home planet of Eminiar VII was at war with their neighboring planet Vendikar.  Vendikar and Eminiar VII’s war was a simulated war though, all fighting was done through computer models which determined casualties.  The citizens of these planets would commit suicide in disintegration chambers as a result of the calculations. These conditions were agreed upon by both planets and any failure to fulfill them would have resulted in real war.

If you haven’t watched “A Taste for Armageddon” and learned to appreicate the range and talent of Barbara Babcock we suggest you do so!

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