Star Trek’s 10 Best Guest Stars

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5. Dean Stockwell

You might have most recently seen Dean Stockwell portray the sinister Number One on Battlestar Galactica, but many of us know him from his run on Quantum Leap opposite Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Scott Bakula.  On Quantum Leap Dean Stockwell played holographic Admiral Al Calavicci who served as the guide for Scott Bakula’s Sam as he leapt into different lives.

In the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Detained” Dean Stockwell once again shared the screen with Scott Bakula, but this time they were not friends.  Stockwell was Tandaran Colonel Grat, a military officer in charge of Detention Complex 26.  Bakula’s Captain Jonathan Archer was shot down when his shuttlecraft accidentally cam too close to the prison moon that Detention Complex 26 resided on.

Grat and Archer sparred back and forth and in this wonderful episode of Star Trek: Enterprise.  Bringing Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell back together was a treat for Quantum Leap fans and Star Trek fans alike.

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