It’s A Star Trek Family Reunion In Dallas


It was a Star Trek family reunion at the 50 Year Mission Tour in Dallas on Saturday and there are awkward family photos to prove it!

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It was a Star Trek family reunion at the 50 Year Mission Tour in Dallas, Texas today as cast members from several Trek series came together.

And what would a family reunion be without some awkward family photos?

And some of you thought Gates McFadden and LeVar Burton didn’t get along.

Meanwhile on Instagram LeVar Burton explained it with one word.

It wasn’t just TNG cast members who were getting together though.

Sometimes one Dax just isn’t enough though… especially for Worf.

We love how thrilled the Star Trek cast members always seem to be to see each other.  The casts of most shows don’t get to have these kinds of reunions very often, so that’s just another way Star Trek stands out in pop culture.

Other Star Trek stars at the 50 Year Mission Tour include Chase Masterson who played Leeta on DS9, Max Grodenchik who played Rom on DS9, Aron Eisenberg who played Nog on Ds9, Jeffrey Combs who played Shran and Weyoun on Enterprise and Ds9, Ethan Phillips who played Neelix on Voyager, Connor Trinneer who played Tripp on Entperprise, and Dominic Keating who played Reed on Enterprise.

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You can expect to see tons of fun photos from Star Trek cast member this year as a busy slate of 50th anniversary conventions only gets busier as we get closer to September.