5 Potential Settings For The New Star Trek Series

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2. Total War

Everyone likes a good intergalactic battle; the Dominion proved a formidable opponent in Star Trek DS9 and the Borg were fairly terrifying across 3 series. Should we have a series involving the Federation in a huge war with other various other alien species? Most series involved fights and space-bust ups’ but none of the series concentrated on all-out war.

How about Starfleet versus the Romulan Star Empire? How about the Orion Syndicate against us? Everybody loves a good scrap with Klingons! Or even a huge war involving several new alien races in bloody battles. They could make a darker series, with pain and suffering taking central themes.

Star Trek Enterprise started to touch on the war with the Romulan Empire, but never really got a chance to delve deeply into it. Would you like to see the Romulan war fully fleshed out? If the series is set between the movies and Star Trek: The Next Generation it might be a good fit.

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