5 Potential Settings For The New Star Trek Series

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3. Life Aboard A Federation Space Station

OK, so we kinda had this with Star Trek DS9, but what about a new series based on life aboard a permanent base closer to home such as Jupiter Station? What we haven’t seen is life on a station close to the heart of the Federation. The series could revolve around engineers working on refits and we could have captains and crews, coming and going, rather than focusing on 1 ship as most of the shows so far have done.

We could have some pretty cool storylines involving faulty ships, drunken Klingons in the mess, Tellarites arguing over repair schedules and even the occasional smarmy Vulcan; or some entirely new species with new traits and characteristics. I could imagine characters like Trip Tucker working on repairing ships. They could set the story during a time of war and we could have damaged ships and injured crews coming through and then going out to rejoin the battle.

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