Star Trek’s Top 10 Federation Ships

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7 Excelsior

Class: Excelsior

Registry: NCC-2000

Size: 467m

Top Speed: Warp 9

Armament: Phasers, Photon Torpedoes

Crew Complement: 450

Active in 2280’s

The Excelsior was originally designed to be the first Federation ship with transwarp drive. Transwarp, or maximum velocity, was Warp 10.  The Excelsior was never able to make warp 10 and failed as a transwarp vessel.  That may be for the best however, since warp 10 in Star Trek: Voyager gave us the episode “Threshold”, which is the worst episode in the history of Star Trek.

The Excelsior really started to shine when she got her new captain Hikaru Sulu.

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